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2018... the missing year

We're proud of the work we do at Peterloo Estates, and we like to share news of it, but this website wasn't updated once in 2018. Below we explain why - **SPOILER** it's more straightforward than the plot of LOST!

Regular visitors to Peterloo Estates' website (yes all 5 of you) may have noticed our last NEWS item, prior to this, was way back in 2017. So, what happened to 2018? Well, a combination of factors meant we put website updates on hold.

At any one time we are working on 4 or 5 deals which may or may not materialise into projects we are in a position to share updates on. Sometimes these opportunities never make it off the drawing board and thus, there is nothing newsworthy to report.

We did a lot in 2018, some of which has led into 2019. Below is a summary of that activity - being vague on opportunities we are still in the early stages of:

Family First
Peterloo Estates is a family business and during 2018 a close family member had a battle with cancer. Thankfully, following a major operation and intensive chemotherapy treatment, they have made a full recovery and, as a family, we can't speak highly enough of the world class care received by our wonderful NHS and specifically The Christie Hospital in Manchester. For everybody else, other than the patient, the best one can do is provide love and support during the treatment and recovery phase. As such, work wasn't a top priority for us during this time.

MIPIM 2018/19
As covered in previous blog posts, Managing Director Daniel Barker again returned to Cannes for the annual property conference in 2018. It was a manic but productive week, as always, and we have built on the new connections made there to drive some of the new opportunities we are currently working on. Daniel is also due to return in March for 2019's instalment. Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a meeting.

As the hotel markets are well and truly recovered, following the 2008/9 market collapse, we have identified a gap in the market for smaller town centre hotel opportunities where a new and boutique hotel brand can be deployed to provide an interesting and exciting alternative to big brand budget hotels. We are working with an established, privately owned, operator as well as some regional town councils to try and get some flags down.

Armed Forces Covenant
In 2011 the Government introduced an amendment to s343 of the Armed Services Act 2006 which places an obligation on all of us to to support and uphold the The Armed Forces Covenant. For our Chairman Stephen Barker, himself a former Army Apprentice, this is something close to his heart and we have become involved in an innovative project to provide whole life support to service personnel, operating from a fixed location in England. It is hoped this will become the go-to place for service personnel, after their service has finished, when and if they are in need of support to enable them to adjust and make the most of their return to civilian life. Our experience in development, estate management and hospitality is being put to good use to make this important and rewarding project happen.

Legacy Matters
We managed to clear up a number of legacy matters in 2018 from historic projects that had loose ends to tie up. This enables us to close the files and pack them off to long-term storage.

That pretty much wraps the year up. As promised, it was nowhere near as complicated as LOST!


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